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Welcome to the

Anglican Community at, a place to share experiences and resources, to enquire and to help others seeking to learn more about the Christian Faith and about Anglican beliefs and traditions ...

Please use the "Anglican Discussion" Message Board to tell us about yourself and to suggest how we can best use this community..

Community Description
We are building an on-line Anglican Christian Community here at and we invite you to join Anglicans, Episcopalians and others from around the world in our chats and message boards.

There are over 70 million members in the 38 self-governing churches in the Anglican Communion in over 161 countries throughout the world.
World relief and development, in partnership with local communities, are a primary focus of concern for Anglicans.

Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (Canada)

Episcopal Relief and Development (USA)


To find out more about the Anglican or Episcopal Church, check out our community links. Follow the links from these pages to contact the Church in your community.

email : [email protected]

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